Dr. Gustavo Pastrana

• Specialist in Cosmetic Dentistry

• Studied at one of the best University’s in Latin America (U.N.A.M).

• He has over 16 years’ experience and his work is well known in the City of Mexico, Tijuana and in The United States of America being, that the majority of his patients are from the Los Angeles, Bakersfield and San Diego area.

• Member of the American Dental Association and the Mexican Dental Association.

Courses taken
  • Certificate from the World Dental Congress.
  • Proof of participation as an Assistant to the “XVII International Seminar” for continuous education given by the College of National Surgeons Dentist and by the College of stomatology of Tijuana, A.C.
  • Certificate in Scientific Actualization of the 87th World Conference of the de FDI and XXV of ADM
  • Proof of attendance to the “XVI International Dental Conference for Excellence in Endodontics” given by the Mexican Dental Association.
  • Proof of attendance to the First International Conference in Health Systems, Medical and Dental Tourism, given by the Medical Federation of Baja California, the Medical College of Tijuana, A.C. and the College of Odontology of Tijuana, B.C.

We also specialized in Family Medicine and have many different Specialist to meet all your different medical needs.

Dr. Octavio Sevillano Ríos

• Medical Surgeon, Graduated at The University of Xochicalco (CEUX) campus Tijuana.

• Accredited Pediatrician by The Mexican consul of certification in Pediatrics.

Courses taken
  • Certificate course in infectious diseases, Guaymas Sonora,
  • Certificate course in Pulmonology, Guaymas Sonora.
  • Certificate course in Neonatology, Guaymas Sonora.
  • Training in clinical diagnostics and radiology of the evasive illness by Pneumococcus.
  • Training in Neonatal reanimation and management of Nasal CPAP.
  • Work course “Training for the Assessment of cancer diagnosis in minors under the age of 18, Hermosillo Sonora
  • Work course in the uses of H.I.E.S. Asthma devises.
  • XXI Conference of the Mexican College of Clinical Immunology and Allergy Northeast Chapter, Ensenada, BC.
  • V Conference of the State College of Asthma, Allergy and immunology, Ensenada, B.C.