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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our best quality is a gentle treatment.
We have all the specialities with the latest technology, u.s. certified laboratories, and short treatments that are guaranteed.

Dr. Gustavo Pastrana

• Specialist in Cosmetic Dentistry

• Studied at one of the best University’s in Latin America (U.N.A.M).

• He has over 16 years’ experience and his work is well known in the City of Mexico, Tijuana and in The United States of America being, that the majority of his patients are from the Los Angeles, Bakersfield and San Diego area.

• Member of the American Dental Association and the Mexican Dental Association.



    • Canadian an US patients welcome
    • Located in Tijuana’s golden zone
    • Only 5 minutes from the us border
    • We pick you up at the border (first appointment)
        • Low prices, discounts and credit
        • Immediate attention and short stays
        • Certified specialists
        • We accept US insurance
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They are small devices of titanium that are inserted into bone to hold a new tooth, or even a complete denture.


It consists of removing the nerves of the tooth in order to save it.


Return the masticatory function, Anatomy and aesthetics where teeth were lost. Complete dentures and removable bridges are some of them.


Mainly for third molars that they are hurting by infection or pushing other teeth. Surgeries that are removed or remodel soft tissues of the mouth as the gums.

radiologia digitalDigital radiology
limpieza dental de ultrasonidaDental cleaning
cámara intraoralIntraoral camera